Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Making Room

New Orleans Saints’ WR Jerome Pathon is more than likely going to be a cap casualty this off-season. By releasing Pathon, the team would make way for $1.7 million dollars for cap purposes.

Another benefit would be the development of young WR Devery Henderson. Henderson has the speed to get deep and make big plays, and along with Donte Stallworth and Joe horn this would be a dynamic Trio of receivers at the disposal of QB Aaron Brooks.

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Wild Card

Last season Johnathan Sullivan showed up to training camp overweight and in horrendous condition to start any of the mini-camps. New Orleans defensive line coach, John Pease, is going to take Sullivan in as his own this year and try to get him back to tip-top shape.

Head coach Jim Haslett is going to keep a close eye on Sullivan this year, Sullivan is also expected by Haslett to stay in New Orleans for the whole off-season.

It is not a long shot for Sullivan to get the starting job back, but it isn’t a guarantee either. Sullivan needs to do something this off-season to impress the coaches or this will be his last off-season with the Saints