Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Baltimore beat our butts "a little bit"

One thing you could notice in our game with the Baltimore Ravens was the interceptions. They benefitted from them, turning two into TDs. We didn't seem to quite pull them off, as when Scott Fujita was about to grab a pass from Steven McNair that was intended for Todd Heap. When Jason Craft touched the ball, all that did was tip it to Heap.

Fujita's summary of the game was, "It was a combination of them kind of beating our butt a little bit and us not getting any breaks." Sounds accurate. At least the Saints never gave up; we improved the halftime score where we were down 28-7 to the final 35-22. After taking down both the Atlanta Falcons and the Philidelphia Eagles, the Baltimore birds owed us a little payback.

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Johnny said...

But we're past that Cinderella phase. When you lead a division with the Panthers and Falcons midway through a season, that's no longer Cinderella and I'd say we're a threat in the playoffs this year. During the Saints-Bucs game, I played this live cell phone game called AirPlay that lets you predict plays as they happen live on tv! A guy in my fantasy league told me about it and it's tons of fun to play against other people.