Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hard road ahead

As the Saints enter the final leg of the regular season with a decently impressive 7-4 record one has to wonder will it soon be 7-7 or worse. With an impressive start to the season, the New Orleans Saints have made their hometown proud of team team playing it's first season back inside the Superdome. Winning over the Atlanta Falcons in the first game played in the Louisiana stadium in over a year kindled a spark in every football fan young and old. We want the team to be victorious. America wants the Saints to do well. New Orleans needs the Saints to win. The final 5 games will be some of the hardest of the season for the golden boys. The New Orleans Saints tied with the Miami Dolphins this year for 3rd hardest season and these last 5 games are the reason.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Saints, You Can Handle the Bengals

Drew Brees had a very respectable game, with just shy of 400 yards on 31 of 47. But three turnovers were a big part of why we came out on the short end of the stick against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Going into the game, Pittsburgh was the turnover king of the NFL with 24, not exactly the style of play that won them the Super Bowl last year.

Lets hold it together, Saints, when the Cincinnati Benglas come to town. They're coming off a demoralizing loss to San Diego, where they saw their 28-7 lead at the half morph into a 49-41 loss.