Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mike Karney's time to party

What a game. The New Orleans Saints massacred The Dallas Cowboys in last Sunday's upset of a game. The Cowboys coming fresh off a 4 win streak and the Saints coming off a not too shabby 3 game win streak of thier own had a game that will be remembered for a long long time, at least by Saints fans. Everything the Saints tried seemed to work. Plays were firing off perfectly and the offense/defense/special teams not only did thier individual jobs great, but complimented each other every quarter. Mark Karney has got to be loving life right now though. He, who did not score a touchdown in the first 43 games of his career, scored 3 touchdowns Sunday night. Drew Brees, who is a really impressive QB by the way, commented on Karney's touchdowns, "It was not in the game plan to do, but he deserves the opportunities to score since it is usually himself that is openeing the holes for Reggie or Duece to get it in."

Upon ariving back home in New Orleans at 2:30 AM, the Saints were greeted by hundreds of happy and elated fans welcoming thier boys home after the 42-17 victory. Several people in N.O. are going to have a case of the Mondays but at least there will be good water cooler conversation.

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