Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thanks, Giving to the Fans

The New Orleans Saints NFL Team Owner Mr. Tom Benson is giving back to the fans who have been selling out the seats for the enormous Louisiana Superdome this season. The Saints are in first place in thier devision and usually with sold out home games that would mean an increase in ticket pricing for next year. Tom doesn't feel that way and he expressed it to a hometown crowd during the 4th quarter of the game against The San Francisco 49ers and the fans could not be happier. The same great seats for the same great price 2 years running.

The team from San Fran scored a field goal to start things off. Those were to be the only points in the first quarter. After that it was victory all the way for the Saints. They donned thier black on black uniforms spelling doom for the west coast team scoring at least one touchdown every quarter following. They have not worn that combination since the last time The Superdome played host to these 2 teams. It was a dark day for The San Francisco 49ers as they lost to The New Orleans Saints 34 to 10. With only 4 games to go in the season the Saints play thier western neighbors The Dallas Cowboys on December 10th. If you want to see some live football this year then now is the time to start getting ticket orders in.

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